Kristine Kahill – Deliciously Flat

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Deliciously Flat

Deliciously Flat

Can you handle all this flatness? We've seen our share of flatties here at 18eighteen, and we have to say,
Kristine is probably one of our all-time top five flatties. There's hardly an ounce of tit-meat on her sexy, flat chest. Just how we like it!

Kristine is well on her way to becoming a full-fledged flattie freak! What can we say? Some girls just hop on the train to kinkytown early. Although Kristine is only 18, she's already had a threesome, fucked girls and had sex in public, among other things. "I love anal and I've had 10 orgasms in a row before. When I had sex in public, it was at a park behind a bush on a skateboard. And all my encounters with girls have involved lots of pussy licking!"

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