Naidyne – Fuzzy Triangle

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Fuzzy Triangle

Fuzzy Triangle

We love Naidyne's hairstyle. Her long raven locks are nice, but we're referring specifically to the fuzzy triangle
between her legs. It's a nice compromise between the completely bald pussies we see, and the au naturale
bushes that occasionally grace our pages. "I like having a little bit of pubic hair," Naidyne said. "I
think it's cute when it's up top. I call it my Dorito. But I prefer for my lips and asshole to be bald. It's nicer to lick that way."

Such a pretty slit should remain totally hairless. Navigating the folds of a teen girl's twat is much easier when
her pussy is slick and smooth. Naidyne has an innie pussy, meaning that her labia are small and neatly tucked into her slit. If she were to grow out her bush, you would have to do some digging with your tongue to get to
the creamy center. But as it is, her pretty pussy is perfectly on display and ready to be lapped up by
a wet tongue. "I like to keep my lips hairless because my pussy is more sensitive when a guy eats me out. I love feeling his hot tongue against my bare skin."

She gave her boyfriend a "heart-on" with her twat. "One time I shaved my pubes into a heart for a boyfriend of mine. It was a surprise for Valentine's Day. He seemed to like it, 'cause he fucked me really hot and hard."

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