Naughty Home Videos

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Naughty Home Videos

Naughty Home Videos

What's up with the camera?

"My boyfriend and I are having fun with it. I told him I always wanted to be in a porno, so he's making my fantasy come true. We're shooting our own sex movie. I'm curious to see what I look like when I fuck. I told a couple of my friends about it and they asked me if I was scared that he'd show it to other people if we broke up. The truth is I don't really care, and it would kind of make me hot to know that other people saw my sex tape. But whether anyone ever sees it or not, I made sure to give a really hot performance."

Goldy's a natural in front of the camera.

"I swear that I gave the best blow job ever when he put that camera on me. I don't know if it's because I was being recorded, but damn. I was so into it! I made lots of eye contact, moaned all sexy and let the spit dribble out of my mouth and onto his cock. I sucked it down deep and talked dirty into the camera while I jerked it."

How was the sex?

"It was great. My boyfriend and I were both so horny. When I watched the video later on I was surprised how hot it was. I got horny again watching my ass bounce up and down his cock and hearing my little moans of pleasure. I was so proud of it I kind of wanted to show other people. One other thing I noticed was how my buttcheeks jiggle a lot when my boyfriend pounds me hard. Now I know why guys like to do doggie-style so much; they want to see that ass go! And ohmigosh, at the end my boyfriend blew the biggest load ever all over my face!"

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