Never Too Young, Never Too Old

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Never Too Young, Never Too Old

Never Too Young, Never Too Old

The readers have spoken!

In the Jan. '10 issue, we asked readers if they'd like to see a teen and MILF set with Sophia and Georgette. The answer was overwhelmingly yes. Well, here it is! You guys asked for it, and now you're getting it. And what makes this layout even more special is that this is the first three-way for Sophia and Georgette. Both of these ladies were curious about tasting girl flesh, but little did they suspect they'd end up chin-deep in vag that's decades different in age! A spring chicken and a cougar getting it on...just goes to show you, you're never too young and never too old to try new things!

Sophia, how did this happen?

"Ms. Parks is actually my neighbor. I've seen her out on her lawn and stuff and waved hi before, but I never really talked to her. She always seemed nice enough though. Well, I was passing by her house one day and it was super hot outside. She called to me and asked if I'd like some lemonade. I was sweaty and tired and she was so welcoming, so I told her sure. When I came inside her and her boyfriend–I guess that's what he is–were real nice to me. They asked me what I like to do for fun and if I have a boyfriend and stuff like that."

Okay, but how did you end up in a threeway?

"Ms. Parks told me that her and Mr. Pepper had been in a relationship for a long time, and the reason it works for them is because they like to try new things together. Then she asked me if I like to try new things, and I said yes. Then she asked me if I'd like to try new things with her and Mr. Pepper. I got the hint. I thought about it, and I was like, why not? So I sat down in between them and said that I knew what she meant, and leaned in to kiss her."

Whoa. was it?

"It was really good–the freakiest thing I've ever done! Older people have a lot of sex experience, so they can teach you things. And they know lots of different techniques to make you cum. Mr. Pepper's cock was great. It shot right up for both me and Ms. Parks. I ate her out and she tasted great. Some women really do get better with age! They liked fooling around with a girl as young as me, too. Ms. Parks kept sucking on my boobs and saying, 'They're so perky and cute!' It was a good experience. I think I'll be going over for more lemonade soon."

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